Week 7…It’s Almost Over

Well, it’s almost the end of the road for my first class in Early Childhood Education! Wow, can you say excited?! I’ve started on the road to something that is bigger than me and I’m so excited to see what’s next in the program. This week we were to review the Codes of Ethics for the Division of Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children and The NAEYC Codee of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment. In these documents there lies a wealth of knowledge for the Early Childhood professional. There were three of these ideals that stood out to me and I plan to utilize them in my professional growth as an Early Childhood Professional.

I-1.4 – “To appreciate the vulnerability of children and their dependence on adults” (NAEYC, 2005).

This ideal is something that I take very seriously and I see parents abuse the privilege all the time. Children are a joy and a gift to have, and we as adults have to mindful that children depend on us and they hang on our every word. The way that they depend on is determined if they live or sometimes die. I plan to ensure that children I come into contact with and those who I will advocate for without me knowing them, that I take them to heart. I will consider them always with my decisions in the Early Childhood field. And I promise to not forget that they depend on me. I make a difference in their lives and I matter to them, just as much as they do to me.

P-16 – “We shall strive to ensure that decisions such as those related to enrollment, retention, or assignment to special education services will be based on multiple sources of information and will never be based on a single assessment, such as a test score or a single observation” (NAECY, 2005)

This ideal is important for those children that I will touch who will need special education services and enhancements. I will ensure that any decisions that I make will be based on fact and not fiction. I will make sure that I perform all necessary tests and procedures to ensure that the child is getting the best education possible while in my care, regardless of a learning disability. We have to make sure that children are not just labeled as Special Education students if they don’t have to be. People see that as a negative connotation, but we have to embrace those students and help them along the way. I promise to ensure that they are included in all activities of learning.

I-3C.3 – “To strive to secure adequate and equitable compensation (salary & benefits) for those who work with or on behalf of young children” (NAECY, 2005).

This is something that I currently am experiencing at work, and I plan to address it with my manager soon. I feel that I handle and possess a lot of responsibilities at my place of work, but my salary does not commensurate with my experience or my education. I have a Master’s degree, a partially completed one in HR Management, and I’m one class away from a Graduate Certificate as well as this degree at Walden. I don’t understand how they’ve measured my salary, but I would like for them to explore my qualifications so that we can discuss my salary and an increase. When I complete my journey at Walden, I plan to open my own center, and I plan to make sure that my employees are compensated to the best of my abilities. I will keep up with the trends in salaries of the professionals that I employ and make sure that they are eligible for annual salary reviews. I will also provide continuous Professional Development opportunities so that those who have gone above and beyond for the year polishing their professional skills will be eligible for some type of perk or bonus. I want my employees to know that they are valued and valuable for the work that do, not only for me, but especially for children.

Both documents and all of the reads for this week have sparked so much interest in me and made me want to be better. This week has given me things that I can actively utilize in my current position and that will allow me to add so much more to this graduate program. Although, this class is nearing the end, the lessons being learned from it is going to be far more rewarding and far more beneficial!


NAEYC. (2005, April 1). Code of ethical conduct and statement of commitment. Retrieved April 15, 2015, from https://class.waldenu.edu/bbcswebdav/institution/USW1/201540_04/MS_MECS/EDUC_6005/Week 7/Resources/Resources/embedded/naeyc_codeofethicspdf.pdf


One thought on “Week 7…It’s Almost Over

  1. littletotslearningspot says:

    I agree with your assessment of the second code of ethics you selected. Too often children are unnecessarily labeled and have not been fairly assess by several different entities. Then these same students are stuck on the special education track. While I do understand some children need to be placed on this track and may remain there, it should definitely be assessed and monitored frequently.


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