Week 3

Wow! Week 3 already and I’m excited! Almost halfway there for the term! It feels so good to be learning about something that really makes me smile. Every assignment and discussion makes me dig deep to find a reply. I enjoy that type of learning.

This week we’ve talked about family and family systems. We were asked to create a Personal Childhood Web that illustrated 5 important people in our life and how they helped to nurture and influence our life. Choosing just 5 was probably the hardest task because I didn’t know how to choose just 5 people who nurtured and influenced me the most growing up. After careful thought and consideration, these are the 5 people that I have chosen:

Personal Childhood Web

My Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Daddy (Uncle), and Sisters

My Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Daddy (Uncle), and Sisters

Each of these 5 people helped me become the woman that I am today.

Mama – My mother is the person who I aspire to be. She had a heart of gold and she taught me how to love and be loved. She had a degree in Early Childhood Education and loved children. She raised the majority of my younger cousins from birth until school age. My mother would read to me almost every night. She made sure that I developed a love for reading and learning at a young age. She would always encourage me to do my best at all times, even when people were rooting against me. She taught me how to speak up for myself, but not belittle others with my words. She was my biggest cheerleader and fan, and everything that I do now, I hope that I have made her proud.

Granny – My granny was the epitome of the backbone of a family. She was the Matriarch and she kept everyone together and everyone in line. She provided knowledge and wisdom that only some people dream to have learned. She taught me about work ethic and the value of hard work. She had a first-grade education and she still managed to raise 9 children, 5 of which were not her own. I learned how to work from her. My drive and determination are what have gotten me to where I am today. I refuse to give up on my dreams. I continue to allow my grandmother’s hard work push me to excel. I know that she is proud of the woman that I am becoming.

Papa – My Papa was the first man I ever loved. I was his princess and I will always be his princess. I only got to enjoy my grandfather for the first 5 years of my life, but the memories that we shared will forever be in my mind. He taught me how to be loved. He made sure I felt protected and safe. He showed me respect and told me about respect. Yes, I was young, but I remember him and his love and his teachings so vividly. He was truly my knight in shining armor on Earth. The love that she showed me our short time together on Earth will forever be embedded in my spirit. I stive to give that type of unconditional love to all those I hold dear.

Daddy (Uncle) – My Daddy isn’t really my daddy at all, but my uncle. He stepped up and assumed the role as the father figure in my life when my grandfather passed away. From as long as I can remember he has been in my life. He’s always shown me the same love and support that he shows his biological daughters. I never feel like I’m not his child. He continues to teach me about life and love. He sets the bar high for my future husband! My Daddy is my protector and until my husband takes my hand, he’ll be the apple of my eye.

My Sisters (Kasie & Trina) – My sisters are really my cousins. They are my Daddies biological children. I receive so much love and support from my sisters. The love me and have supported me the exact same way my entire life. I don’t know what type of person I would be without them in my life. The good, the bad, the ugly, it doesn’t matter with them because we will always love and support each other. They don’t treat me any differently than they do each other. Actually, I’m the responsible one, and I’m the baby!

All of these people make me who I am. They have helped to raise me and nurture me and care for me at some point or another. I have learned so many different things from them and all of the lessons learned have helped me. My village is filled with shining stars. I couldn’t be happier, or more blessed to have them in my corner, and in my life.


2 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. sstaud says:

    Hello Malorie,
    I really liked your latest posting, the personal website. The graphic you used immediately caught my attention and drew me into the text itself. I hope I can learn to be more proficient in the use of multimedia on my own blog–pictures certainly convey much more, more immediately, than a chunk of paragraphs!

    You are so lucky that your Mama read to you almost every night. Reading to a child is one of the greatest gifts to give a child! Your Granny’s strength and determination was instrumental in your strong will to follow your dreams. What an inspiration, that with her limited education your Granny raised a large family instilled with the principles and values you carry on today.

    Your experiences show how important the extended family can be. Each member of the family adds something to an individual member’s whole, even if it is sometimes unnoticed and overlooked. These diverse inputs a child receives help make the child a well-rounded person. Your family has been a blessing to you and obviously a source of your strength.

    I look forward to future posts!



  2. Ebony Smitjh says:

    Hi Malorie,
    Nice post. Your web of pictures reminds me a lot of the one I created. Guess great minds think alike…LOL!


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